A Cmd-F1 Key Emulator for Your MacBook

Slideshows are great to show off your product, or maybe even shared memories, but it seems like they never work quite correctly. If you’re a spectator, don’t be that person yelling “Alt-Enter” or “Cmd-F1,” but if you’re the presenter, keep things under control with this clever little screen mirroring project from digital artist and speaker Seb Lee-Delisle.

The tiny Cmd-F1 key emulator consists of an Adafruit Trinket and a 12mm tactile button. (📷: Seb Lee-Delisle)

The device switches screen mirroring modes with the press of a button, using an Adafruit Trinket to emulate the “Cmd-F1” mirroring command that is missing on some MacBooks.

Physically, the build is ingenious in its simplicity, with a button soldered directly onto the tiny board, making for a very portable hardware device. Of course, there is a workaround with TouchBar-enabled MacBooks, but that’s not nearly as fun!

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