An Aluminum Nixie Watch

If you enjoy vintage technology, chances are you’re familiar with Nixie tubes, a now-defunct method of displaying characters on devices that look similar to vacuum tubes. With the popularity of today’s Maker Movement, these gadgets seem to be making a resurgence in clocks and other semi-decorative data displays, but most are not as small nor as portable as “prototype_mechanic’s” Nixie Watch Prototype_C.

This wearable can go three months or more between charges in “passive” mode and is accurate to within plus or minus one second per month. Besides the electronics needed to run the watch’s rather exotic components, it features housing made from one solid block of aluminum and a leather strap, making it the perfect dieselpunk accessory or perhaps a timepiece that a James Bond villain might use!

Sound like something you’d want around your wrist? You can check out prototype_mechanic’s project page here. Unfortunately, though, the creator’s SSD drive failed so tons of valuable building notes and drawings have gone bye-bye.