Bionic Nerf Gun Comes Closer to What Sci-Fi Promised Us

Though a fully functioning hand like Luke Skywalker uses after a not-so-successful lightsaber battle seems to be the ultimate goal of prosthetics, other fictional works promised us bionic devices with weapons or other interesting gadgets fitted to them.

This idea now seems to be one step closer to reality, as Nicolas Huchet (aka “Bionico”) who normally wears a myoelectric prosthetic hand, has a bionic Nerf Gun designed just for him. The NYC and Paris-based hacker collective Hackerloop built one using an Adafruit Trinket to sense when Huchet’s forearm contracts, then fire.

The device currently exists as a prototype, but Hackerloop is planning to release a more polished version next month.

[h/t Motherboard]