Bot, Make Me a Sandwich!

Most of us love eating sandwiches. However, making them is a completely different story. So why not create a robotic device that could take care of the tedious task for you? Enter the Sandwich-o-matic.

The Sandwich-o-matic is a fully-automated, voice-controlled sandwich-making station. Simply tap the “begin recording” button on its site and place your order by saying the ingredients. For example, “Please make me a sausage and pepper sandwich.” The machine will then craft your lunch from scratch.

Built during a thirty-six hour ECHacks hackathon, the project is driven by some servos and a DC motor — all of which are controlled by a Particle Photon and Arduino. The backend is running node, hosted on AWS, while the Google Cloud Platform handles the voice-to-text features.

We would love to incorporate more features into the Sandwich-o-matic. We think that having more topping options and more condiments would allow users to really enjoy being able to make sandwiches without having to do more than ask for one. We will definitely try to continue building on this idea in the future.

Intrigued? You can find more on Sandwich-o-matic here.