Control Your Toilet with Alexa

After seeing a $6,000 Alexa controlled toilet at CES this year, hacker Jonathan “macgeek” Gleich decided that he could implement this same functionality for quite a bit less money. This hack came in two parts, the flushing mechanism and a bidet toilet seat that features an RF remote.

While you may not be interested in this particular functionality, he was able to control the seat via an Alexa with no modification to the unit. Instead of hacking the unit apart, he used an IR control hub which works with Amazon Alexa and can be trained using your phone. Once trained, Alexa can emulate IR signals, in this case allowing it to operate the bidet with via voice control.

For the auto-flushing mechanism, Gleich purchased a wireless electronic toilet flusher that normally works wirelessly with the wave of a hand. Instead of using it this way though, he found two wires that could be joined together to manually activate the mechanism, and wired in an Adafruit HUZZAH board in order to receive information via WiFi and Alexa.

Be sure to check out the device in the videos below. The first clip shows an LED being turned off to simulate flushing, and the second demos the bidet cleaning the bowl.