Create a DAKboard to Keep Your Family Organized

Most families have at least experimented with using chalkboards, calendars, shopping lists, and to-do lists to keep day-to-day life running smoothly. But, that’s a lot to keep track of, and the hassle alone is enough to ensure failure in most households. DAKboard solves that by smoothly merging all of those calendars and lists on a single wall-mounted display.

DAKboard can be purchased as a ready-to-use screen for $299, as a CPU that you can use with your own monitor for $99, or free as software you can install yourself on a Raspberry Pi (or $4.95/month for the premium option). Redditor Vonsmoor chose the last option, and used it to setup a complete organization and control center in his home’s kitchen. The DAKboard itself is simply a Raspberry Pi Zero W that has been paired with a 24" Dell IPS monitor and installed with the DAKboard image.

The DAKboard software easily integrates with Vonsmoor’s family iCloud calendar, and Todoist for to-do and shopping lists. In addition to the DAKboard itself, Vonsmoor also added an Amazon Echo Dot, a Nest thermostat, and an Amazon Fire HD 7 tablet. The Echo and Nest are there for the obvious reasons, and the Fire tablet is primarily used for controlling Spotify and Plex in the neighboring home theater. The setup is attractive, functional, and should be easy for just about anyone to replicate in their own home.