Dancing 3D-Printed Jibo Homage

Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. When Eunchan Park (aka “Happy Things Maker”) saw the Jibo robot, he thought it was absolutely amazing, and made an dancing imitation of it to show just how cool he thinks it is. This takes the form of a 3D-printed device that uses three servos and a WS21812 LED ring to move and display colors along with some tunes.

Computing power is provided by an Arduino Nano, which uses a servo shield to control movements via I2C. The music’s audio spectrum is captured with the help of another shield that splits audio into seven separate bands. The sound is fed to the robot via a line-in jack, so users need to use a Y-jack to split audio between speakers and the robot.

Details of the build can be found here, along with the necessary 3D printing files on Thingiverse and code on GitHub. You can also see the construction process in the second video below. If you’d rather just see it happily dancing away, the first video will give you a good glimpse of its capabilities. While it may not be able to act as a robotic assistant, it would be hard not to label this homage a “social robot” as well!

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