ESLOV IoT Invention Kit Lets You Create Connected Devices in Minutes

Have you always wanted to build an IoT device but was unsure where to start, or perhaps you lacked the hardware chops necessary? Well, Arduino has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a plug-and-play toolkit that will radically simplify the way you create smart devices. Enter ESLOV.

ESLOV is comprised of intelligent modules that join together to make projects in minutes — with no prior hardware or programming knowledge required. Just connect the modules using cables or mounting them on the back of our WiFi and motion hub. When done, plug the hub into your PC.

ESLOV’s visual code editor automatically recognizes each module, displaying them on your screen. Draw the connections between the modules on the editor, and watch your project come to life. From there, publish your device to the Arduino Cloud and interact with it remotely from anywhere (including your phone). The Arduino Cloud’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex interactions with sliders, buttons, value fields, and more.

The ESLOV modules and hub can also be programmed with the wildly popular Arduino Editor. With the provided libraries, you can customize the behavior of the existing modules, enhance the hub’s functionalities, as well as modify the protocols of both the hub and the modules.

There are currently 25 modules — ranging from buttons, to LEDs, to air quality sensors, to microphones, to servos— the possibilities are endless. Sample applications include everything from a monitor that lets you know if your baby is safe, to a washing machine notifier that tells you when your laundry is finished, to a thermostat that you can adjust while out of the house.

ESLOV’s hardware and software are open-source, enabling you to produce your own modules. The main hub features a Microchip SAM D21 ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU at 48MHz and built-in Wi-Fi, while each of the small modules are equipped with an ATmega328P at their core. These modules can be reprogrammed via I2C bus or using an external programmer.

Ready to develop your first Internet of Things gizmo or gadget? Head over to Arduino’s Kickstarter page!