Four Jacob’s Ladders Used In This Insane Percussion Setup

Hacker Sam Battle of the “LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER” YouTube channel has expanded his massive collection of electro-musical devices to include a four-station Jacob’s Ladder percussion instrument, powered by a pair of microwave transformers.

It works by using solenoids set up on each of the four differently-shaped ladders, which pump a wooden block toward two copper pipes and trigger a spark after the nice “bing” sound.

As shown in his demo of the “It’ll Kill You 5000” at around 1:50, it actually creates a pretty sweet beat when used in conjunction with the rest of his equipment — all of which is sequenced by an Arturia BeatStep Pro controller.

The entire system has quite a few wires and gadgets scattered around the room, a setup that would likely repel some, and attract others to it. Given the high voltage electricity involved, it’s seems reminiscent of a sort of bug zapper for engineers.

You can learn more about the “It’ll Kill You 5000” and see it in action below!

[h/t New Atlas]