Ginormous Game & Watch Octopus

If you were a kid in the early '80s, you probably remember a small handheld game called the “Game & Watch” from Nintendo. Unlike the Game Boy which would come later, these handheld games could only play one game, but they nonetheless provided hours of entertainment for millions.

At 6'4" x 3'10", this project is about 17 times larger than the orginal handheld game! (📷: Tomas Tilley)

While these portable devices were necessarily quite small, Tomas Tilley decided to make his own version that’s large enough to require either very long arms or two players to reach the left and right buttons. As shown in the video below, it looks like a lot of interactive fun, with players collaborating to grab treasure and avoid the giant octupus’ tentacles at this year’s Adelaide Maker Faire.

His beautifully constructed device uses a 46” LCD TV to display the game, which in this case is a flash simulation of Octopus, running on a laptop concealed inside. The frame is scaled around the TV, making the whole unit 17 times bigger than the original, and at 6’4” as tall as a very large person! While huge, Tilley didn’t forget about portability, and constructed it in such a way that it can be folded to fit inside of his hatchback car as needed. If that wasn’t enough, he also constructed a model diving helmet to go along with it based on plans he purchased online.

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