Go Off-Grid with This Beautiful Power Supply

We at Hackster love our technology, and especially if it’s been turned into something more with a little creative soldering/programming. On the other hand, without a power source, these devices are little more than paperweights, or something that you could perhaps use to decorate.

To make sure he never has to be without power, Jonathan Odom (aka “JON-A-TRON”) has come up with an off-grid power supply that can run a Shop Vac for an hour, or power electronics like phones, Bluetooth speakers, and lamps for an entire weekend.

His unit uses a 12V deep cycle battery to power everything, and utilizes a power inverter to produce 120VAC for running normal appliances. It also has a 12V circular cigarette lighter adapter, along with a pair of USB sockets for your DC charging needs.

Electronics-wise it looks like a solid build, but what really sets it apart is the outside case, made out of a wooden box surrounded by an X-Shaped frame. 3D-printed disks at the ends of the frame hold carbon fiber bars which would make a great-looking and very light way to carry the device around. While it currently must be plugged in to charge, JON-A-TRON is considering using solar panels — an excellent upgrade to keep it going indefinitely!

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