Go Retro with a 16 x 16 LED Matrix Watch

What would it take to make your own watch with a 16 x 16 LED matrix? As seen in the video below, the answer is a good board design, and lot of patience while placing the 256 tiny 0603 LEDs.

Once placed, LEDs were reflow soldered, then tested with a set of voltmeter probes. While there were a few minor issues to correct, it’s amazing to see it cycling through each LED in GIFs on the project’s write-up.

Along with the LED face, the watch has a nice outer enclosure, along with a RTC unit and other electronics for user interface and to keep displaying the correct time. Best of all, the wearable device includes a microUSB socket and USB-to-UART capabilities, so the ATmega328P chip powering everything can be programmed like an Arduino.

It’s estimated that this gadget will be able to function for 10 days before recharging, and it will be awesome to see everything come together!