Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

A Windows 98 Watch, a Google Cloud Speech Robot, a Guitar Effects Controller + More

Windows 98 Wrist Watch

Everyone’s favorite operating system. On your wrist!

Voice-Controlled Robot With Google Cloud Services

Build a voice-activated Arduino robot using your Android phone (powered by Google Cloud services) to control it.

Weather Box

Small weather station that uploads to Weather Underground with a NeoPixel ring for visualization.

Alexa on Raspberry Pi

By installing Alexa on the Raspberry Pi 3 B with wake word and AirPlay support, you can use the Pi as an AirPlay speaker or as an Amazon Echo.

3D Projection

3D projection + Arduino + Seeed Studio 2.8" TFT Touch Shield

Walabot FX

Control your favorite guitar effect using nothing but awesome guitar poses.


Let’s re-invent Spoka as a connected object and build the SpokaPhoton community!

3D-Printed Air Gate for Drones

Just like in real-life drone races, we wanted to make something for mini-drone races. The RGB LED changes from red to green as the ultrasonic sensor detects the drone.

LED Matrix Wave Moves With Hand

Get into the fantastic world of effects by making a simple design that can move with your hand by using a phone and other simple components.