Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

A NeoPixel Watch, an Animatronic Harry Potter Sorting Hat, a Mini Robotic Arm + More

PIXIE: An Arduino-Based NeoPixel Watch

A wristwatch that combines both analog and digital clock technology, with the precision of an atomic clock.

Full Animatronic Sorting Hat

Sorting hat with Harry Potter dialogue.

LittleArm: Arduino Robot Arm

LittleArm is a 3D-printed trainable Arduino robot arm for STEM students and Makers.

Make Your Own Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor

You can buy remote Oregon sensor THGN123N for about $20 or you can build your own temperature/humidity wireless sensor that implements Oregon Protocol V2.1 for about $9.

Wireless Accelerometer Mapping

Using an accelerometer, Arduino, and Photon, we are able to visualize a 3D model of the orientation of a RC car-based on accelerometer data.

RFID Front Door Access Control

Use Edison to interface with an existing member management system to control and management egress into a facility.

Lithium-Ion Battery HAT for Raspberry Pi

Run your Pi remotely with a 18650 Lithium-on battery.

Digital Clock with Arduino, RTC and Shift Register

Digital clock with Arduino using shift register (74HC595), a real-time clock, a temperature and humidity sensor, and 4–digit 7-segment display.

Controlling Peripherals Between FM4 and PSoC 4 Over UART

The code example demonstrates the UART communication between FM4 and PSoC 4 BLE. Both the devices are configured in Full Duplex Mode (Tx and Rx). Peripherals of the two devices are mutually controlled over UART.