Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

A Portable Pi Zero W, a Constellation Dress, a Pen Drawing Machine, a Voice Control Lighting System + More

Portable Raspberry Pi Zero W

Embed a RPi Zero W into a moleskine notebook for a small and portable gaming station or terminal.

Binary IP Address Display for Raspberry Pi

Using a Unicorn pHAT, we can easily display the IP address in binary when the Raspberry Pi boots!

Intel Curie Pattern Matching Dress

A dress with Curie’s pattern matching engine on the Arduino 101 to control the embedded LEDs, which makes constellations show up on the dress.

Arduino Laser Tripwire

An Arduino Uno project that utilizes a laser to detect when the laser beam has been interrupted.


Caravaggio is a drawing machine able to replicate a digital image using a pen and a continuous line.

Cheap 105 FPV Micro Quadcopter

A mix between the 105 quadcopter and the Hubsan X4 that priced under $150.

Connected Koozie

The Connected Koozie will send a message to Meshblu whenever a sip is detected from the tinyTILE’s built-in accelerometer.

Solar Smart Greenhouse

Feed your family with 22 sqm greenhousing by combining permaculture, aquaponic vertical towers and IoT.

Wireless Light Automation With Voice Control

Wirelessly turns lights on and off from an Android app. With the ability to control the lights using speech recognition.

One Click Check-In/Out

Hosting Airbnb guests? Have kids? Give them a hassle-free way to notify you what time they check-in, check-out or need help, with one click.

Home Weather Station With NodeMCU and OLED

Weather station displaying indoor temp/humidity, as well as outdoor information including climate conditions and three-day forecast.

Self-Balancing Rover With Thermometer

The car attempts to correct for an induced lean angle by moving forward or backwards, and the goal is to return itself to vertical. The car also detect the surrounding temperature and send to the Amazon AWS IoT.

Easy Benchtop Power Supply

A spiffy new benchtop power supply from a junked PC and an ATX breakout board.