Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

An Alexa Printer, a Creativity Button, a Smart Pet Feeder + More

Cheap Alexa Printer from an Old Receipt Printer

Upcycle an old receipt printer into a voice assistant/Internet of Things printer!

The Creativity Button

Switch on your brain’s creative potential with this hacked Dash button — a timer that keeps you in the hypnagogic state.

Make an Interactive Color Matrix with Seeeduino

This is an interactive art project made by a Seeeduino 4.2 boards, looking good and easy to do!

Kindbot: Smart Home Gardening

Kindbot packs an app, sensors, voice-control, and state-of-the-art computer vision to eliminate guess work, and maximize yields.

Use Alexa to Control Your TV!

You ever lose your clicker/remote and wish you could just talk to your TV? Well anything your clicker can do, your Alexa can do!

Herb Box Eco System

Log humidity, automatic irrigate, switch plant growing lamp on and voice control everything with Amazon Alexa and Arduino.

Particle Weather VFD

A retro VFD weather display project powered by Weather Underground and Particle.

Power Your Coffee Maker with Netduino

Control your coffee maker remotely! Create a connected coffee maker using household electricity with .NET, Netduino, and Xamarin.


Simply click a button to receive your phone’s geolocation.

Web-Controlled LED Animations with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Set up your Arduino and Raspberry Pi to control lighting and animation on an RGB LED strip from your smartphone or PC.

Pi Magix

Do you wanna see the magic?

Intelligent Tea Maker

An intelligent device that helps you to drink a hot, tasty tea.

NFC-Controlled RGB LED

This project demonstrates the controlling of an RGB LED over NFC by smartphone.

The Things Network Node for TTNmapper.org

Simple The Things Network (TTN) node based on Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 LoRa Radio and Adafruit OLED FeatherWing.

Avocado Watering Monitor with Telegram BOT

NodeMCU ESP8266 board which monitors the soil moisture of your plants and notify you on Telegram when it needs to be watered!

Automatic Vision Object Tracking

A pan/tilt servo device helping a camera to automatically track color objects using vision.

Dead Bug Valentine

My first go at dead bug style soldering. A style of soldering where no PCB is used and all of the components are soldered together.

“Alexa, Feed Toto”

Feed Toto is an Arduino-controlled pet feeder. Meal size and schedule can be set via an Android app and/or Alexa.

ESP32: In Love with Both Cores

Arduino on the ESP32 is a match made in heaven: One core for RF and one core for Arduino; but you can cheat and get more Arduino resources.

“Retro Future” Remote Control

Putting modern Bluetooth remote inside a retro TV remote to control a studio computer while on set.

SpaceX Remote Monitoring System

Do you want to use the same system for online data logging as the SpaceX company? If so, this project will show you how to do it.