Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

An ePaper Network Monitor, a Greenhouse Alarm Cube, a DIY Voice HAT Bonnet, a Wireless PC Keyboard + More

PaPiRus Netapp

Use PiSupply’s PaPiRus ePaper display to monitor your network with a Raspberry Pi.

MATRIX Voice and Creator Running Google Assistant

This guide shows you how to set up Google Assistant in a Rasberry Pi using the MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator as a microphone.


Connect a rotary dial telephone from the ‘80s to a cheap cellphone with an Arduino.

DIY Modular AIY Voice HAT Bonnet

Make your own modular AIY voice HAT Bonnet for Pi Zero and other Pi boards.

Simple Wireless Keyboard for PC

A keyboard designed specifically for YouTube and Netflix on a PC.

AI Face Recognition Lock

Using AI to train face recognition through Nvidia Jetson and Walabot add extra security.

Internet of Things Door Buzzer

An outdated door buzzer system is upgraded by connecting a Raspberry Pi to enable a user to remotely unlock the door using their phone.

Minecraft Sword for Real Life

Use an actual Minecraft sword to control the character onscreen. When you swing the sword the sword onscreen also swings.

PiTextReader for Impaired Vision

PiTextReader allows someone with impaired vision to “read” text from envelopes, letters and other items using OCR & Text-to-Speech.

Mail Alarm

The continuation of an older project. This time using a PIR sensor and an ESP32 to send an email every time that movement is detected.

Make a Cryptocurrency Using Litecoin v0.15 Source

Ever wanted to create your own crytpocurrency? This article will show you how to create one based on the latest Litecoin v0.15 source code.

Alarm Cube for Greenhouse

Battery-powered, ESP8266-based Alarm Cube warns when there is no water pressure in the main water pipe, and neither electricity!

Solar Battery Powered Switch for Blinds, Lights, and Charger

Control window blinds, lights, and monitor battery charging using voice command.

Virtual Breadboard Smart Home Alexa Skill Controls

Explore the Alexa Smart Home Controls available in Virtual Breadboard. Learn the supported voice commands and how to discover them.


AmeQuest is an IoT-based game where players find and scan four RFID-enabled gems to unlock a treasure chest.

Maple ESP32 Mini

It is the smallest ESP32 board now. And it uses Espressif SiP ESP32-PICO-D4 chip, which has two cores, up to 240MHz for WiFi and Bluetooth.

A Pocket-Sized Touch Keyboard

A small, Arduino-based physical device that can perform different keyboard operations through capacitive touch sensing.

IFTTT Connected Kettle

Connect a kettle to IFTTT to enable remote activation, notifications, and data tracking!


This device can remind users to drink water after a set time interval and can remind users when the water is at a right temperature for drink.

Stream Your Audio on the ESP32

Use the ESP32 to play audio data from a custom stream.

Voice Controlled “SHAKEYs”

The robots will sing and dance with voice command.