Internet of Air Fresheners

Normally, air fresheners act on a timer, or sometimes even use a simple motion sensor for activation. But what if you want something much smarter device that’s customizable to your scent “needs?” If that sounds like you, or you’d like a nice introductory IoT how-to, then check out this IoT Air Freshener from Igor Fonseca Albuquerque.

The smart air freshener comes decked out in a nicely 3D-printed shell, with a button for manual control, and surrounded by a ring of programmable LEDs for visual feedback. Inside, it’s controlled by a NodeMCU LoLin board, which activates the spray cartridge via a servo motor. While it can be triggered manually by a button, using the web service, along with IFTTT, the device becomes capable of much more.

One mode sets it up to trigger when you enter a certain area via the GPS location of your smartphone, giving you pleasant olfactory feedback whenever you walk through the door. Other modes include a simple timer, and even a setting where it’s triggered every time you get email. While that might not be so useful in itself, one could imagine expanding on this in order to look for a certain subject line, or any number of clever email tricks.

Be sure to check it out in action in the video below!

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