kbord: A Programmable Mechanical Keypad with RGB Backlighting

While there are some excellent mechanical keypads on the market, few, if any, compare with the kbord 15-key programmable keypad.

kbord is a programmable keypad with 15 mechanical keys, each of which can be set to execute a script when pressed. (📷: dekuNukem)

Not only does the kbord feature an SD card reader to store scripts for each key, but it has individually addressable SK6812 RGB LEDs underneath, giving a cool backlighting effect.

The device uses an STM32F072C8T6 chip for processing, with each key directly hooked into its I/O pins. Keyboard profiles are listed on a small display screen to the right of the keys, and users select between sets of hotkeys via small buttons below. These can be set to execute simple input keyboard shortcuts like “ctrl+c,” or can run complex scripts as needed.