MODI Lets You Bring Your IoT and Robotic Ideas to Life in a Snap!

When it comes to the Maker Movement, modularity is on the rise — littleBits, Microduino, Seeed Studio’s Grove Kit, Arduino’s ESLOV, to name just a few. Hoping to join them on that list is startup LUXROBO…

If you would like to create robots or other interesting devices, but would rather not deal with the hardware side of things — or even text-based programming for that matter — perhaps MODI is for you. This system, now a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, allows you to “just connect” and use various computing modules.

With hopes of becoming the world’s first “Robotics of Things” platform, these modules simply snap together via a magnetic housing, and come in the form of input, output, and setup blocks. Blocks can be connected to the world via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

LUXROBO is launching the kit with 13 modules, but many more are planned. It’s a really neat concept, and rewards are still available to be delivered in early to mid-2017 if you’re in a “funding mood!”