Duo Puts an AI Assistant Inside Your Mirror

Perhaps you’ve seen various iterations of smart mirrors that hackers have built for their own amusement. If you thought that was an interesting idea and would rather not attempt to create one yourself, then you can always turn to Duo — an AI-powered, 27" multi-touch computer.

Duo appears to be a mirror when it’s off, and becomes an virtual assistant when triggered by the wake word “Albert,” displaying data visually on its surface along with audio feedback. It can also interact with other smart devices, performing such tasks as telling you who is at the door and turning off your lights.

The team behind Duo says the sleek, wall-mounted computer will come with several native apps that stream your favorite tunes, check the news, and even turn into a revolving art gallery, while others like Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Giphy, can be downloaded from its app store.

Since the Iron Man-like, mirror-based assist runs on its own operating system, HomeOS, developers will be able to build their own apps via the company’s SDK.

Right now, you can pre-order Duo for a planned delivery in October 2017, and apply for a development kit to help enhance its app ecosystem.