Spark Some Holiday Cheer and Mario Bros. Nostalgia With This 8-Bit Tree Topper

Starmen can be found through the Super Mario Bros. world, and now on top of y0ur Christmas tree as well thanks to Adafruit’s John Park. In the game, when a player gets a star, they become temporarily invulnerable to all damage. Well, Park has decided to swap out invincibility for some sparkling holiday decor with Starduino.

His 8-bit tree topper consists of a GEMMA and a NeoPixel ring, housed inside a 3D-printed blocky star. Power is supplied by a USB cable plugged either into a wall adapter or a battery.

Although you can code your own blinky sequences, Park has also shared an Arduino sketch for an “exciting, fiery pattern” to help get you started. You can find this, along with a step-by-step breakdown of the build, on Adafruit’s page here.