SWON Is Like a Fitbit for Your Shower

Hopefully most readers of the Hackster blog take showers on a regular basis. Though generally a good idea, the downside is that showering uses around 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Not only do you have to pay for this water coming in, it has to be heated, and processed on the way out, leading to significant utility bills.

Though costly, it’s hard to know how much you’re actually spending to take a shower, or how much you’ll save by shortening them. To help you with this, Jeff Frommer came up with the SWON connected shower device.

The Wi-Fi-enabled gadget screws onto your existing shower head and tells you how long you spent in the shower and how much it’s hurting your wallet. It can also change the velocity of your water, meaning you can use less of it while supposedly not noticing the difference.

What’s more, SWON can regulate temperature and shower length, sounding a beep to let you know when you need to get in and out. In other words, no more using a fogged-up mirror as an indication.

It’s a neat idea, one that not only saves money but the planet as well. Intrigued? Be sure to check out the SWON on Kickstarter!