Synchrony LED Controller Responds Intelligently to Music

We’ve all seen lights blinking along to music, but in most cases they either respond directly to the volume, or they’ve been programmed beforehand. Though displays like this can be impressive, these factors limit what LED lighting is capable of.

Synchrony, now available on Kickstarter, is founded by neuroscientist Dr. Ed Large and takes a different approach to sound-reactive lighting. It uses a neural network to listens to tunes via a built-in microphone, and attempts to understand music the way people do. It then makes up its own light shows on the fly, and even improvises, creating a new pattern each time you hear the same song.

In addition, you can control the color palette and pattern mode to customize your experience using Synchrony’s accompanying app. Whether you want to have your own personal dance party, decorate for the holidays, or light up a band performance, this could be just the thing to make it spectacular!

Dr. Large and the Oscilloscape team are currently seeking $50,000 on Kickstarter. Delivery is slated for October 2017.