The Magical and Wonderful World of Walabot!

According to the Walabot team, there is no reason for anyone to be limited by anything as mundane as a wall. The physical world ceases to be a barrier when using their RF frequency 3D imaging sensor. They have now taken it up a notch by creating an voice command API which works with Alexa.

Imagine you want to go to a club, but you don’t want to get there too early. If there was a Walabot sensor in the club, you could ask Alexa from your house if the club was lit. Lit being determined by the number of people who are dancing in the club — as Walabot can detect amount of people and movement.

You could even set up an alert so that Alexa could tell you when a club has passed the threshold set by any of the three parameters. Walabot could make sure that you never miss out on the best parties of the year.

Walabot is the only RF sensor on the market that is programmable and has an open API for developers. Being connected to Amazon Alexa means that there are now even more use cases, and the programs have a higher degree of accessibility.

Makers from all over the world competed in Hackster’s “Power to the Makers” contest. Walabot sensor technology was used to create a range of applications including rear vision sensors for autonomous vehicles, safety and inspection capabilities for a drone, and a sleep tracker.

Now, Walabot is kicking off a new challenge called “3D Imaging with Amazon Alexa.

Pitch your best idea because Walabot is giving away 50 Walabot units on a rolling basis through December 13th.

With millions of Alexa units sold throughout the world, and thousands of Walabot DIY devices in the hands of users, the capabilities and availability are growing daily. When the true power of the Walabot is unleashed, anyone with a gadget will be able to access programs built by developers. Get your DevOp engines running, because this is just getting started!

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