The Tiny Time Watch Transforms Into the Tiny Face

When we last saw the Tiny Time watch, it was able to keep accurate time, and theoretically run on one battery for years. On the other hand, it used only a single array of LEDs in a blinking sequence for its display. Though it certainly gives the wearer an enormous amount of geek-cred, it’s not nearly as user-friendly as most watches.

The Tiny Face watch based on an ATtiny85 and a 64x48 OLED display. (📷: Technoblogy)

In a leap forward in watch technology, the third generation of this PCB watch is still based on an ATtiny85 chip, but now features a small — 64x48 pixel — OLED display. It not only clearly shows a hour and minute hand together, but also a second hand that ticks away in real-time.

In order to activate the screen, the user presses a button to wake the clock from sleep mode, and dislays the time, tracked via an RTC module. This single button is also used to initially set the time via a routine initiated when the battery is changed.

A look at the Tiny Face PCB. (📷: Technoblogy)

Though this watch, now dubbed the “Tiny Face” watch, won’t be able to tick away for years on one CR2032 battery like its predecessor, it will still be able to function for over a respectable year between changes. As a bonus, it has extra space on the screen around the dial display, which could be used to show extra information in a possible future revision. Awesomely geeky, yet easily readable by those not in-the-know!

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