These Small Motor Controllers Mount Directly onto Hobby Motors

If you’ve ever built a multi-rotor drone, you’ve almost certainly used BLDC (brushless direct-current) motors along with corresponding ESCs (electronic speed controllers). The motors themselves can’t do much of anything without a compatible ESC, which monitors and controls the speed of the motor. Traditionally, the ESC is separated from the motor and mounted somewhere else on the body of the drone.

However, there is no reason the ESC has to be separate from the drone. As proof, Ben has built a small motor controller which can mount directly onto the motor itself. This design is specifically for the heavy-lift T-Motor U8 (a pricey, but powerful, motor), but should also work with U8 knockoffs and other motors that have identical mounts.

The current version of Ben’s design uses the TI DRV8301, but he plans to update it to use the newer DRV8323 which should reduce the PCB size. As it stands, it uses a hall effect sensor and a shaft-mounted magnet, and multiple units can be daisy-chained with the XT30 connectors. He also mount designs in the works for other hobby motors, so you’ll want to keep an eye on the project even if you don’t use T-Motor U8s.