Tube TV Becomes a Non-Traditional Head-Mounted Display

Normally when you hear the term “head-mounted display,” or HMD, you expect to see some sort of VR headset, engineered to be lightweight and to show images to the wearer. This headset is not that.

Rather, this interesting device is an old tube television converted to be worn on Imgurian Spencer Rohan’s self-described “giant melon,” and show images on the screen to spectators at an air guitar competition as “Howlin’ Hank.”

Mechanically, the build is quite clever, using a hockey helmet to attach the TV to the user’s head. Although the details of how the system works are a bit slim, the tube has been replaced with a 15” monitor on the front, as well as two displays inside the TV, allowing the user to both see what’s on the main screen, and what’s in front of him via a camera. There are also a bunch of light-up buttons, and a Raspberry Pi somewhere in the mix!

You can see Howlin’ Hank showing off clips from “Wayne’s World” in the clip below, and more details on Imgur.

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