When Jack-O’-Lanterns Become Hack-O’-Lanterns

A look at some of our favorite high-tech Halloween pumpkins.

With this weekend being the last before Halloween, it’s no surprise that many of us will carving pumpkins over the next couple of days. And since today is National Pumpkin Day, what better time to share some of our favorite hack-o’lanterns?!

So without further ado, here is a dozen cyborg cucurbitaceae that’ll surely impress trick-or-treaters…


Pumpktris is a fully playable version of Tetris built into a pumpkin, with 128 LEDs for the display and the stem serving as a game controller.

Arduino Servo Pumpkin Eyes

A random number generator calculates a new position for each eye, giving a natural fearful eye movement apperance.

Flame-Shooting, Talking, Cloud Connected Pumpkin

Scare those little ghouls this Halloween with fire. Simply press your Amazon Dash (or IoT) button and within five seconds, boom!

Pumpkin Pi

Illuminate a jack-o’-lantern using LEDs and Raspberry Pi.

R2-D2 Pumpkin

R2-D2 Pumpkin is powered by Arduino with infrared motion detction and sound.

Cylon Pumpkin

A cylon pumpkin with roving eye and sound effects via an Arduino and Adafruit Wave Shield. The pumpkin can be controlled via an infrared remote.

Pumpkin NotiFire

The Pumpkin NotiFire is a delicious but questionable combination of a Glade aerosol air freshener, fire and text messages.

Smartphone Controlled Jack-O’-Lantern

Control your Halloween pumpkin with a smartphone using the Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 board. This setup allows you to turn three lights on for the eyes and mouth via your smartphone and a local WiFi Network.

Arduino Powered Pumpkin Eyes

A pumpkin with animated eyes powered by Arduino and two MAX7219 LED 8x8 modules.


A Halloween jack-o-lantern with a special surprise — huge pointy teeth that snap open and closed.

Robot Cyclops Pumpkin

A motorized jack-o’-lantern! Powered by a Spark Core [now Particle], a servo motor, and a simple web app.

RGB Internet Pumpkin

Using Python and WebPy on a Raspberry Pi to control the colors of an RGB LED inside a fake pumpkin over the internet, now in HD!