Winning Walabot Apps Announced!

RF technology has been around for quite a while. From enabling us listen to the radio to communicate with each other wirelessly, it continues to rapidly evolve in surprising and exciting new ways! As the case with Walabot: a programmable 3D imaging sensor that brings highly sophisticated sensing capabilities to your fingertips, enabling you to uncover things hidden in your world with X-ray vision.

Walabot’s breakthrough imaging opens up endless possibilities, for both beginners and experts alike. That’s why we challenged the Hackster community to come up with some innovative apps leveraging the device’s ability to see through walls, detect movement, monitor breath, and even measure speed.

After months of development, we have finally chosen the top submissions across three regions — United States, China, and Europe — each of whom will be taking home a MacBook!

So without further ado, here are your winners…

🏆 Best of United States: Tracking TV Stand

Scott Mendenhall’s Tracking TV Stand employs a Walabot to track an audience and angle a monitor for everyone’s optimal viewing pleasure.

🏆 Best of Europe: Walabot FX — Guitar Effect Control

Created by Dave Clarke, this rockstar project lets you control a variety of effect paramaters depending on the position of your guitar.

🏆 Best of China: Vehicle Rear Vision

Since some cars today are still not equipped with a backup camera, Peter Ma and Mica Wong decided to install a rear vision system of their own using Walabot, an Intel Joule, an Intel RealSense camera, and an Android tablet.

Honorable Mention: WalaBreathe

Designed for those with motor neuron-based disorders, Geeve George’s WalaBreathe is a completely wireless assistive gadget that uses RF reflectance data from the Walabot Pro to convert an individual’s breath into audible speech.

Honorable Mention: Walabot for Wireless Gas Sensing

To combat the prevalence of volatile compounds found in household products and industrial environments, Shuo Liu and Fezza Haider built an ammonia gas sensor for detection to the PPM range — without compromising accuracy and response time.

Another big congrats to our winners! Be sure to check out all of the other amazing projects from the Walabot — Power to the Makers Contest!