You Can Now Program Your Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone on Arduino Create

During his Embedded Linux Conference keynote, Massimo Banzi shared some exciting news surrounding Arduino Create. The platform now supports a wide range of architectures to help streamline the development of IoT applications.

With this new release, Arduino Create users will be able to manage and program most of today’s popular Linux single-board computers, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, and the UP², as if they were any other Arduino.

According to the team’s blog post:

Multiple Arduino programs can run simultaneously on a Linux-based board and interact and communicate with each other, leveraging the capabilities provided by the new Arduino Connector. Moreover, IoT devices can be managed and updated remotely, independently from where they are located.
To further simplify the user journey, Arduino has also developed a novel out-of-the-box experience for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone boards, in addition to Intel SBCs, which enables anyone to set up a new device from scratch via the cloud without any previous knowledge by following an intuitive web-based wizard.