ZeroDriver: An Arduino Zero-Compatible Dual-Motor Driver Board for Robotics

Most small robotics and mechatronics projects usually require two boards — a microcontroller and a separate driver for the motors. Electronut Labs’ latest solution, however, combines the two into a single package. Currently on Crowd Supply, ZeroDriver is an Arduino Zero-compatible dual-motor platform for the Maker community.

ZeroDriver is equipped with the same ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU found at the heart of an Arduino Zero, Microchip’s SAM D21, along with a built-in DRV8835 motor driver chip from TI.

It ships with the Arduino Zero bootloader installed, so you can program it using the popular Arduino IDE. Just plug it in via USB and you’re ready to go! Or, should you decide to delve into the gory details of the SAM D21, Electronut Labs provides you with a 10-pin JTAG header for configuring the board directly.

ZeroDriver is completely open-source. All of its code, schematics, and design files are available on GitHub.